Protect Cloud Application Data -- Once And For All

Utilizing cloud applications like O365 can be an extremely powerful tool for your business and help improve productivity, but cloud services are missing a critical component: a backup solution. If you aren’t protecting your cloud applications, your data can be lost in an instant. Advanced Business Solutions offers a Cloud Application Backup solution which enables your business to stay protected in the event of:

End User Deletion

Whether intentional or unintentional, data can easily get deleted or overwritten. In the case of accidental deletion, we know that human error is very real and it’s inevitable. Regardless of how much end user training is done, we still see the common occurrence of data deleted by end users. Because data can so easily be deleted or overwritten, a backup needs to be in place.

Malicious Intent

Users within O365 can accidentally authorize a token giving hackers complete control over your cloud based email and applications, known as Ransomcloud. They can encrypt your email, essentially bringing Ransomware to the cloud, where the only way to decrypt your email is by paying bitcoin to the hackers who have phished your users in a cloud-based environment.

Inadequate Retention Policies

Cloud apps offer limited retention policies and after the retention period runs out, the data is deleted forever. These out-of-the-box retention periods generally last anywhere from 14 to 30 days, then that data is gone. Rest assured that Advanced Business Solutions can give you complete protection with unrestricted retention policies for your cloud data.

You need a clean copy of all your data, retained for more than 30 days. The problem is that cloud services aren’t able to do this. Now, you can protect all of the following cloud applications with Advanced Business Solutions:

Office 365, SharePoint & OneDrive, Salesforce, G-Suite and Google Mail, Box.com, Dropbox 

Whether you need to recover individual emails, calendars, contacts or tasks, automated daily backups enable a quick recovery of data from any point in time. To ensuring complete protection of your critical business data, call Advanced Business Solutions at: 313-626-2999  here.